The Work

A highly sought-after keynoter and change agent, Gerd Leonhard is also an acclaimed author of futurist manifestos as well as an accomplished creator of future film and media content. Gerd travels the globe year after year, refining his cross-sector awareness and transferring the secrets of successful evolution from one arena to the next. Together with his handpicked team of creatives and designers, Gerd enables his clients to futurize their business from leadership and strategy to innovation and culture. The Futures Agency is a newly reformed unit that supplies the ideas, the events and the content to realize the client’s most promising future.

As humanity rushes headlong into a machine world where the very essence of human being will be swiftly challenged, Gerd Leonhard is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations avoid compromise and flourish in an altogether new environment. As business cycles disappear and digital disruption transforms one market after another, Gerd’s speaking and project engagements are eagerly sought after by business leaders in search of successful evolution. His practical wisdoms and consulting interventions have already helped numerous enterprises master the rapids of digital change and sustain their leadership beyond disruption.

Over the next five years, Gerd and his team will:

  • Trigger successful growth in established and emerging organizations with a full spectrum of speaking and advisory content.
  • Help visualize the future in multiple market segments by creating unique and original film content.
  • Advise the human enterprise of tomorrow as it balances technology leadership with value-driven culture.
  • Cross-pollinate organizations with lessons learned and success recipes taken from parallel and alternative arenas.
  • Create the world’s leading conversation on discovering and realizing the right human, societal and corporate futures.
  • Continue to question the status quo and, in the tradition of Socrates, drive the questing imagination beyond current inertia.

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