Technology vs Humanity: Gifs and memes

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new book: “Technology vs. Humanity”

Artificial intelligence. Cognitive computing. The Singularity. Digital obesity. Printed food. The Internet of Things. The death of privacy. The end of work-as-we-know-it, and radical longevity: the imminent clash between technology and humanity is already rushing towards us. What moral values are you prepared to stand up for – before being human alters its meaning forever?

advisory engagements

Speaking is only one part of the change equation. Doing is the other. Not only are Gerd’s talks and engagements laced with deeply pragmatic insights and play moves, his counseling and advisory projects are embedded into his futurist practice and fully supported by a handpicked global team. Whether you are developing a new business strategy, setting a new course as an enterprise, implementing revolutionary new business models or challenging established corporate cultures, Gerd’s advisory engagements at the board levels of global organizations are informed by decades of insight and an intuitive awareness of what works.


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