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The Future Experience (TFE)

Speaking is only one part of the change equation. Doing is the other. Not only are Gerd’s talks and engagements laced with deeply pragmatic insights and play moves, his counseling and advisory projects are embedded into his futurist practice and fully supported by a handpicked global team.

Whether you are developing a new business strategy, setting a new course as an enterprise, implementing revolutionary new business models or challenging established corporate cultures, Gerd’s advisory engagements at the board levels of global organizations are informed by decades of insight and an intuitive awareness of what works.

Experiencing the future is a process of adapting a completely different mindset to present problems and opportunities – not looking forward but coming back to the present from your chosen future. Whatever the market and geography, Gerd and his handpicked experts have significant acquired experience in project advisory, intellectual property development and extended media production.

Our client engagements has assisted numerous organizations across sectors discover their true futures – and then futurize their operations from a higher perspective. Gerd’s advisory extends across the enterprise life cycle – from inception to brand rebirth.



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