Gerd Leonhard has spent over fifteen years exploring the future as he travels the world and joins the dots between multiple Megashifts, near-fiction scenarios and transformations.  If you’re undergoing change – and not always at your own choosing – you’re probably facing one or more of these major game changers, at this very moment.  Gerd’s network of related sites, resources and offerings, below, will help you navigate these complex changes, and comes together to form an immersive future experience. The Futures Agency (TFA) is Gerd’s company, comprised of 30+ fellow speakers and futurists, and his main vehicle for bringing the right changes to enterprises and public organizations – complemented by the new film studio unit, the Future Show series and TFSLive (a completely new, immersive keynote format), books and other digital content.


How would your abIlity to discover and navigate the future be transformed if you had a ‘spare mind’ to create the ideas, the events and the content at an exponential rate? The Futures Agency is a unique boutique designed to help you widen and accelerate the rate of change – by changing how you think and creating the powerful new narratives that will drive you to the next level of evolutionary development. Whether you are an incumbent market leader threatened by disruptive new technologies or a rising star still unsure how to integrate exponential change, Gerd Leonhard and his handpicked team of professional futurists, speakers and advisors will help you identify change before it happens, craft new visions and manifest deep transformation.


Film is the most universal idiom of modern communication, and returns us to the original visual language of mankind. No other medium has the ability to cross borders and cultures so seamlessly. Film is also the best way possible to capture the future in all its dynamic difference and complexity. Working in close collaboration with his artistic director, Jean-Francois Cardella, a pioneer in corporate video, Gerd Leonhard has now created a dedicated film unit to realize the growing client demand for one-off and episodic film stories to accompany transformational change journeys. These films can be embedded into your event program, strategic change initiatives and corporate learning curricula to raise awareness along client communities, sensitize workforces and trigger behavioral evolution across corporate silos.


The coming clash between machine and man will dwarf the last two hundred years of technology change. As computing moves from our desktop to our pocket to our wrist and ultimately inside our bodies, the very nature of humanity will be challenged and changed irreversibly unless we can conduct a much deeper discussion about ethics and responsibility right now. A last minute call to wake up from technology mania and address the unprecedented moral and tribal dilemmas now facing homo sapiens. Whether you see technology as a threat or a basically good thing, this book will blow your assumptions out of the window. If your take being human for granted, press Reset now with this passionately argued call to create a genuinely braver new world.


A web TV concept that captures the essence of future change in easy-to-digest bites, the Future Show is designed to share bleeding-edge insights and foresights in a popular style that appeals to the broadest audience. Gerd’s vision is to create an ongoing platform for sharing and examining some of the key paradigm changes coming our way – the Megashifts. Digital transformation may be everyone’s strategy, but this is only one Megashift that will alter life on earth out of all recognition. The Future Show channels these burning issues into viral episodes that trigger deeper debate and better decision making. Themes explored include the coming clash of man and machine (you ain’t seen nothing yet), digital ethics and the future of humanity as leading species.


If you are intent in making your future happen you probably have next to no time left over to keep up with events. The most important events happening today are not news items but new ideas, ideas that have the power to radically alter your environment much quicker than ever before. GerdFeed is the best way to keep up with what Gerd himself is reading and thinking about, representing the best links he comes across as he routinely trawls the omniverse for breakthrough perceptions and insights. A sure way of keeping in step with the pace of change happening around you. GerdFeed is a must for the time-poor but knowledge-hungry.


After the net at the turn of the century, the cloud has become the rich metaphor of the twenty-first century, communicating the immense storage and recycling of human knowledge now possible. The human study of the future is a content-rich activity, involving prediction, intuition, imagination as well as statistics. Check out the GerdCloud for a reservoir of complimentary material -visual content, podcasts, presentations, images and much more – to enrich your awareness and understanding of the Megashifts that are transforming each sector of human life one after the other.


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