Embrace technology but don’t become it

Global Keynote Speaker

Finding the best speaker for your event or your tribe is about more than expertise or demeanor. The ability to entertain in a deeper sense – to hold our attention – is critical. But there is something rarer still, and that is the power to move the audience into the experience – not to speak but to transport. From his days performing as a musician to his present status as one the world’s most prominent futurist speakers, Gerd Leonhard is a global presence at home in any culture or vertical, and capable of leaving his audiences in a completely different place. His keynotes, presentations and talks, interviews, workshops and seminar engagements are honed by thousands of hours’ experience and schooled in profound knowledge across the human arts and sciences.

Each of Gerd’s speaking engagements is customized to market, audience and immediate context – no two audiences have ever experienced the same Gerd. He is constantly learning and refining his vision and arguments, enriching his highly persuasive style with story dynamics that involve the audience at a deeper, more experiential level. Gerd’s vision is twofold: to present the multiple futures facing every industry or organisation at any one time, and – crucially – to help the participants identify and discover the true future which belongs to their unique destiny and backstory. In a world of often unimaginative plots, with many enterprises simply impersonating others, Gerd’s guidance is priceless.


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