The Future Show (Live)

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The Future Show (Live)

Teaming up with acclaimed corporate auteur Jean-Francois Cardella, Gerd Leonhard has evolved the next generation of event experience, fusing film and live interaction to bring your audience 100% immersive impact. The era beyond slide presentations is a distant memory, as Gerd and team deliver a dynamic live show that is always different and always two steps ahead of your audience. The Future Show Live has the potential to catalyze your tribe in a whole new way, allowing them to personally interact and anticipating their individual attention. These live shows are special events for occasions demanding dynamism and memorability. The Future Show Live is a cornerstone of any lighthouse event strategy.

You are a busy decision maker tasked with taking your community on a transformational journey into new business models, new value chains, and new strategic visions. Your major events are unique opportunities to engage audiences and inspire successful change – if you can reach the sweet spot of content, chemistry and character. As the strategic agenda changes with incredible speed, however, event mechanics have stagnated for well over a decade. The Future Show takes you from today’s audience presentation scenario – a glorified schoolroom – into a highly dynamic and interactive arena that can reinvent the executive event and pay off in all-inclusive engagement.

Gerd Leonhard, the show’s creator, speaker and host has delivered over 1,500 presentations on future scenarios during the past 15 years, and has developed a unique style that is intellectually challenging and highly informative yet entertaining and personal, while adaptable to any audience whether it’s trade-show visitors or C-level executives. The future is both extremely exciting as well as potentially scary – and Gerd knows how to present both. For demanding business leaders in search of greater audience engagement and unique event experiences, he has now developed this unique show concept, designed at once to be dynamically interactive and singularly customized for each audience.

Here is some early client feedback (October 4, 2016) “Amazing. The Future Show Live is a unique multimedia immersive experience and Gerd was a super engaging futurist speaking in tweetable quotes every two minutes. The imagery was stunning and created an almost cinematographic experience. The concept of keynote re-invented” Peter Vander Auwera, Architect and Content Curator Innotribe@Sibos, SWIFT


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The Future Show LIVE - The Future of Keynotes

Added Value:

  • Customized events – no two experiences are remotely alike
  • Fully immersive experience beyond ‘hearts and minds’
  • Real-time interactivity with the audience on an individual basis
  • Hundreds of presentation events have enriched this approach
  • State-of-the-art film and media techniques from Jean-Francois Cardella
  • Additional story design by classical dramaturge Dr. James McCabe

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