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A Tale for the Tribe – Introducing TFA Studio for your future film storyworld

The twenty-first century is the age of ubiquitous film, with a mobile screen in every pocket. While technology may enable anyone to create corporate cinema, the ability to craft meaningful stories to film-world standards is rare indeed. Every organization on the planet must now become its own television channel or network, its own film production company. Gerd Leonhard’s Futures Agency is recognized as the bespoke film maker for executive visions and strategies, capable of producing impactful shorter films, a full feature-length movie or to create a multi-year running episodic web series crafted to your future.

Together with film-maker Jean-Francois Cardella and screen scribe James McCabe, Gerd has created the Future Agency Studio to meet the overwhelming need for content across platforms in the corporate arena. Originating concepts that can run for years over multiple channels, we take an artisanal approach, resulting in content that is dramatic, eventful and relatable to multiple communities.

We have been busy producing cool films for some pretty interesting clients, covering many different topics including  the Future of HR and Learning and Digital Transformation. This brand-new film below, Change Squared / Change2,  produced in association with Accenture, outlines the key challenges of exponential technological change, and how we could respond to them.

Gerd Leonhard, Futurist and CEO The Futures Agency

Gerd Leonhard is a hunter and gatherer of human values from the future – from an age when current disruption has revealed the state of things to come. From culture and society to commerce and technology, Gerd brings back the news from the future so business leaders can make better choices right now. In his upcoming new book Technology vs Humanity, Gerd explores the myriad ethical and social questions which urgently require answering before we blindly forego our very humanity. For organizations in the grip of disruption, self-driven or otherwise, Gerd supplies visionary insights and concentrated wisdom that inform key decisions today.

Jean-Francois Cardella, Director and Producer

Producer, art director and film-maker Jean-Francois Cardella enables organizations of all kinds develop and drive their media assets by creating film and art products from features, factuals and corporate video to web platforms and event movies. In the emerging age of visualization, Jean-Francois transforms complex enterprise concepts into immersive story experiences which grow audience and trigger buy-in. Together with Gerd Leonhard, he is currently reinventing the visual side of the meetings and conference industry to match film-world production values.


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