The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed

Signature Engagements

How to create your preferred Future

In his trademark performances on adapting future-ready thinking, Gerd shares how the principles of human futurism can transform the perception and understanding of present realities. Designed for corporations and organizations on the verge of structural transformation, each engagement is tailored anew for your exact scenario, context and potential.


This classic exposé on exponential change demonstrates how the very nature of change has altered as we experience a unique inflection point in human history, and enter a space of warp-speed disruption. Deep impact for organizations looking to re-think who they are and what they stand for. Watch Gerd’s film on exponential change.

Humanize Your Future

Many organizations today are increasingly dependent on unique human performance – as the only remaining source of differentiation. As technology creates a commodity universe of efficiency and homogeneous results, organizations face multiple and complex challenges in realizing human excellence; from restoring the social contract to generating a deeper reason and purpose. A uniquely pragmatic session on how to harness the power of people in a technocratic world.

Discovering Your True Future

For enterprises who manifest their destiny today, the rewards are global and unprecedented. Too many, however, mimic trendy brands and lose their way in a desert of imitation. Discover how to know the true, ‘hard future’ from all the others, and find out how to apply your organization’s potential to its present limits and complexes. A breakthrough session that unlocks deep internal learning.


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