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Big data and surveillance in cities: convenience vs tracking

Guest post by Peter Van Sidewalk Labs is Google’s / Alphabet Inc.’s urban innovation organisation. Its goal is to improve urban infrastructure through technological solutions, and tackle issues such as cost of living, efficient transportation and energy usage (Wikipedia). Looking at their website, it’s full of ambitious goals: reimagining cities to ...

New video excerpt from my keynote at Netapp Insight 2018: with great power comes great responsibility #digitalethics

  Download these videos via Watch the complete keynote on my Youtube channel Netapp 2018-Gerd-Leonhard-Futurist-Gerd-on-Stage-Power-And-Responsibility. 50MB MP4 download

6 exciting new videos with short excerpts from a recent keynote on Technology & Humanity, Big Data, Digital Ethics, Singularity, Skills of the Future and more!

Thanks to Netapp for inviting me to speak and for making the video footage available!  Download all videos as MP4 files via the GerdCloud. Subscribe to my Youtube channel. Check out my book Technology vs Humanity. Machines that can THINK, LEARN? AI? With an IQ of 100.000? Digital Ethics is the #1 ...

New video: Exponential transformation? Why the future is better than we think – and why humans will still matter (Acquia Engage London 2018)

Brand-new talk from Acquia Engage London 2018!  Thanks to Acquia for making this video available, and for inviting me to speak at their amazing event. Download the slides used in this talk: acquia London gerd leonhard futurist keynote the future is better than we think public deck low res Download the MP4 file ...

We need to talk about AI! A new short-film by Futurist Gerd Leonhard: what you need to know about artificial intelligence

I am very excited about my latest short film (the others are here) outlining my views on my #1 speaking topic: humans versus/with machines, artificial intelligence and the future of humanity in a world where machines can hear, see, speak, learn and ‘think’. On the one hand, artificial intelligence (AI) clearly has ...

My presentation at the Vodafone IoT Conference in Lisbon, today: the 9 IoT Future Principles

Here is the deck, below – event details are here “A nossa sociedade está a evoluir no sentido de um novo paradigma: Internet of Things (IoT). Considerando ser o melhor parceiro para implementar uma sociedade mais tecnológica e inteligente, a Vodafone desmistifica o tema com um debate qualificado com foco em ...

The IoT Talent Consortium appoints futurist Gerd Leonhard as Special Advisor

Delighted to announce this unique partnership! Beaverton, OR; February 20, 2018: The IoT Talent Consortium (IoTTC) has today announced the appointment of renowned futurist, author, and keynote speaker Gerd Leonhard as Special Advisor. Together, they will work towards addressing the exponential change driven by IoT-enabled digital transformation while assisting the IoT ...

New keynote video: exponential change and the future of technology and humanity (Gerd Leonhard Applause Digital XChange 2017)

Thanks to Applause San Francisco for inviting me and for making this video available.  


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