AI Ethics and the Human Problem

“The Alibaba City Brain project, which is employed by the Chinese retail giant Alibaba in the city of Hangzhou, aims to ‘create a cloud-based system where information about a city, and as a result everyone in it, is stored and used to control the city’. This has had positive impacts with the trial of City Brain on traffic vastly improving traffic speed in Hangzhou; however, it has led to many questioning the issue of privacy and surveillance.

Whilst the world is nowhere near AI controlled cities just yet, the fact that they are in (albeit infantile) development without proper regulations over issues such as privacy is worrying. Even more worrying is this statement from the AI manager at Alibaba: ‘In China, people have less concern with privacy, which allows us to move faster.’ Further demonstrating my earlier point of power.”

AI Ethics and the Human Problem
via Instapaper

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