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TV Interview on the future of technology, banking, digital ethics & humanity: Gerd Leonhard SIBOS 2016

Watch this pretty far-ranging interview, covering a lot of really important themes from my book and of course from The Future Show LIVE which premiered at SIBOS 2016 as well Experience the future like never before with this innovative event concept designed for challenging decision makers. Technology is changing our world exponentially ...

Here are 100+ of my best recently used slides

Feel free to use them, based on my creative commons attribution non-commercial license 🙂

The evilfication of Facebook: boiling frogs, faustian bargains, and the pleasure trap: 10 arguments for quitting Facebook (UPDATED)

This post will be updated regularly as I’m deciding on what to do about my Facebook  presence.  Thanks for all your votes btw – you can see the results up to this point here or below. For now, I have decided to dial back 95% as far as my Facebook usage ...

Great video about social media #hellven: Prince EA: Can we auto-correct humanity ?

via Buzzfeed American rapper Prince Ea’s latest video, “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?”, about the damaging effect of social media on human interaction, has gone viral on Facebook. More about my #hellven meme

Video and slides from my keynote on #NewWayToWork for IBM at Cebit Hannover

More details on this event UPDATE June 15 2015: here is the video with my keynote NewWayToWork Gerd Leonhard Cebit March 2015 IBM Public-web  5 MB PDF NewWayToWork Gerd Leonhard Cebit March 2015 IBM Public   20MB PDF and some best-of’s:  

Did You Know You Had Diabetes? It’s All Over the Internet (interesting read via Bloomberg)

This is a good read on a topic I have been looking at very closely – which personal information can be used online for what purpose, by whom, and when – and what are the unintended consequences of exponential technologies that make everything so much more efficient, transparent and omniscient? The ...

▶2 short BBC Interviews on the Future of Television (Futurist Gerd on YouTube)

▶ Gerd Leonhard BBC Interview on the Future of Television – YouTube. These clips were recorded in NY in 2012. Thanks to the BBC for making this available.  

The Pointlessness of Unplugging : The New Yorker (good read related to my Digital Obesity meme)

Interesting point below; yet I think of unplugging more like scheduling a diet – just having a few days where you eat less, and get hungry again… The Pointlessness of Unplugging : The New Yorker That is why, I think, the Day of Unplugging is such a strange thing. Those who unplug ...

New video: Infotrends Sao Paulo 2013: the Future of Media, Content, Advertising (Keynote by Gerd Leonhard, Portuguese subtitles)

This is a pretty nice recording and it shows that I really enjoy speaking to Brazilian audiences – check it out!  You can view the original video here.   Please note: only the short intro is in Portuguese – the rest is in English.  Download the slides here. UPDATE August 19th: new ...


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